Investment Deal Memo

$499.00 USD
Memo Type: Deal Memo

A review document that provides a deeper assessment of the business operations and strategy written by trained Business Analysts and AI powered software.

Includes an 8-Point inspection:

  • Market Opportunity
  • Customer Traction
  • Barrier to Entry
  • Business Model
  • Team & Talent
  • Product/Service
  • Financial Plan
  • Risk Mitigation

This reports include a sector average and difference below/above average for similar comparable companies. 

Our Process
  1. Data Collection: our system connects to the entrepreneur and asks them to submit deal room documents to our PitchBox software or manual team members.
  2. Reviewing: our trained team of venture analysts begin
    researching and building individual Critical Factor Assessments on various areas of a the startup business.
  3. Scoring: 8 areas of the startup business are given a consensus
    grade from the following 9 categories: Market Opportunity, Product/Service, Team, Business Model, Competition, Financials, Traction, and Risks Mitigation.
  4. Briefing: our team of venture capital analysts will provide a Deal Memo (based on a research backed Critical Factor Assessment framework) for each applicant. Will follow up with a debriefing document that explains the areas of strengths and weaknesses of the business.
Memo Type: Deal Memo