Digital Launchpad

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Essential Tools for Fund Managers

Elevate your digital presence with our Digital Launchpad offering. This package includes everything you need to attract and engage investors online, with the added bonus of our BrandImpact Scorecard for free.”

What’s Included:

  • BrandImpact Scorecard: A comprehensive assessment of the 7 critical areas to launching a successful brand: Identity, Positioning & Value, Mission & Vision, Differentiation, Customer Engagement & Experience, Consistency, Presence.
  • Actionable Insights Report: Receive a detailed report with actionable steps and strategies to build a brand that not only reflects your fund’s identity but also appeals effectively to investors.
  • 30 minute Results Review call: Review the Actionable insights report, answer questions, gather feedback, discuss next steps
  • Website Landing Page: A professionally designed, investor-focused landing page
  • Pitch presentation template: A custom branded pitch deck template to articulate your story
  • One-pager sales template: A custom branded one-pager for outreach to capture leads
  • 30 minute Review call: Review the website, pitch deck, and one-pager options, gather feedback, answer questions, discuss next steps.
  • 1 hour Final Review call: Review and approve final deliverables, discuss next steps

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Transform your vision into an influential brand with our Fund Launch package

Our Fund Launch Package is specifically designed for emerging fund managers, transforming your visionary ideas into a tangible and influential brand.

This package includes the BrandImpact Scorecard, Brand Identity Development package, Digital Launchpad package, and free tools to increase your brand’s impact.

Imagine transforming your brand's presence, resonating deeply with your target audience, and securing the funding you need—all while achieving exponential growth. We're not just offering services; we're guaranteeing a transformation. Take the leap; let's catapult your fund to market leader. Invest in your brand's future today, and let's craft your journey to success.

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What happens after purchase?

After purchasing our Digital Launchpad package, you will receive an email confirmation of your purchase with a link to our BrandImpact Scorecard to start your brand journey. Once you click the link to start your journey, follow the onscreen instructions and allow yourself about an hour to complete the Scorecard. Upon completion of the Scorecard your answers will be submitted to our system. Our team will assess your answers and score your business in the 7 key areas critical to launching a successful brand. We will keep you in the loop throughout the process with status updates via email and a link to your Scorecard upon completion of our team's assessment. We will set up time to discuss your BrandImpact results and next steps on your brand journey.

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